Al & Teresa are both Wine Spirit Education Trust (WSET) trained. That essentially means we are qualified wine snobs! 

We used to travel a lot (remember those days?!) to different wine regions, with our favourites being South Africa and Burgundy.

We like to create a very relaxed environment in the shop and have developed the range based on having a broad selection, as well as price points to suit all budgets.

It’s really important to us that people have a good experience, whether that’s to buy 1 bottle or 10!  So, our top tips about wine:

1. You like what you like. We are all different!

2. Not all wines give you a hangover (unless you drink far too much - not recommended!) It’s all about the quality of the winemaking and the interventions needed to make that wine. A £4 bottle will not have the best ingredients, but a £10 bottle will be a different story altogether

3. Wine can taste completely different with food. We can offer up some suggestions when trying to pair your menu.

4. Don’t be afraid to try different styles of wine. With some guidance you will rarely go wrong

5. When you find a wine you really enjoy, take a photo and save it into an album on your phone. Over time you will start to build up a record of what you like and start to understand the styles you enjoy. We will also log any wines you buy from us too!
By Teresa Wighton


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